QualityQuality is part of what we do,
every day.

Our objective is to excel in quality by cultivating a workforce of highly skilled, disciplined and engaged people and a strong company culture that aims for excellence. We achieve this through leadership, communication, networking, empowerment and competency and career development.



  • Field quality service:
    Supports and communicates with customers regarding requirements, issues, improvement plans, data collection, questions and feedback; collects complete information on specific customer requirements and facilitates agreements.
  • Product quality:
    Focuses on quality and reliability at all phases of the machines development process; qualifies new products and materials ensuring they meet the mission profile and customer requirements for quality and reliability.
  • Technology & manufacturing quality:
    Checks that manufactured products conform to customer requirements; secures new product qualification, change management and non-conforming material management; facilitates use of manufacturing data, tools, methods and procedures.
  • Failure analysis:
    Performs electrical and physical analysis of products for new product debugging and reliability evaluation, yield improvement, manufacturing changes and issues, customer issues and competition analysis; applies and develops advanced analysis techniques and uses problem solving methodologies to identify failure modes and to contribute to identifying failure mechanisms.
  • Quality standards & management system:
    Deploys and improves our quality management system and its associated processes, rules and documents.
  • Supplier & subcontractor quality:
    Ensures supplier, subcontractor and foundry manufacturing quality is compliant to expectations. Software quality: Applies quality approach to software development; ensures alignment to customer requirements.