The combination of the FRANCESCA in line with the CHIARA offers to the user a unique power of production combined with an unrepeatable flexibility of performance.

These 2 machines linked together are the unique combination of two different processes that can operate different glass thickness and different glass sizes in full automatic operation without manual adjustments. This advantage can be found only within the Forvet production.

The capability of this line, foresee multiple productive process combined among them or individually.

The line can grind or polish flat and arris and can drill, countersink and mill on straight edges or out of square glass.

FRANCESCA and  CHIARA are keeping their own controls, where the CHIARA is acting as master and the FRANCESCA as slave. At the time that the production requires the action of both machines, the link among them is passing all the requested information at the due time to the right section.

Obviously, the line will be linked to the production control office (protocol of communication to be supplied by the customer) so that all the information can be downloaded from the office to the workshop directly

COMPLETE PRODUCTION LINE Thanks to the combination of Francesca and Chiara, the line is capable to performs seaming, grinding, brilliant polishing, drilling, countersinking, milling operations

All FORVET solutions are configurable and customizable




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